Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kids say the darndest things - Part 1

V has become such a chatterbox and the funniest things fly out of her mouth.  The other day, we were in the kitchen and I smelled something funky.  I said something about it to E, to which he jokingly responded, "It's probably you - you need to shower."  I said, "I know, I'm nasty."  At this point, V looks up at me and with complete seriousness and concern asks, "You nasty Mommy?"  E and I about died laughing...

She's also gotten into the habit of asking, "Remember?" before she recounts any story.  She's Chris Farley re-incarnated.  And I can't believe how much she remembers and in what detail. We were at the park feeding ducks one afternoon, and she wouldn't come to the car.  At the same time, there was one particular duck that was following her.  I told her if she didn't listen to mommy, the ducky would get her.  She still didn't listen and I had to end up picking her up and carrying her to the car. Literally months later, she still brings this up. "Remember when I didn't listen to Mommy and duckie was gonna get me? Remember?"  Too funny.  

Here are some pics of the girls from October.  I love Miss EM's facial expression..