Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kids say the darndest things - Part 1

V has become such a chatterbox and the funniest things fly out of her mouth.  The other day, we were in the kitchen and I smelled something funky.  I said something about it to E, to which he jokingly responded, "It's probably you - you need to shower."  I said, "I know, I'm nasty."  At this point, V looks up at me and with complete seriousness and concern asks, "You nasty Mommy?"  E and I about died laughing...

She's also gotten into the habit of asking, "Remember?" before she recounts any story.  She's Chris Farley re-incarnated.  And I can't believe how much she remembers and in what detail. We were at the park feeding ducks one afternoon, and she wouldn't come to the car.  At the same time, there was one particular duck that was following her.  I told her if she didn't listen to mommy, the ducky would get her.  She still didn't listen and I had to end up picking her up and carrying her to the car. Literally months later, she still brings this up. "Remember when I didn't listen to Mommy and duckie was gonna get me? Remember?"  Too funny.  

Here are some pics of the girls from October.  I love Miss EM's facial expression..

Monday, June 20, 2011


Our newest little addition was born on May 10th!  I had her all natural - no epidural, no pitocin, no anything!  By the time I got to the hospital I was 8 cm dilated.  We got to the hospital at 3 am , I was 10 cm by 4, and I had her at 5:40.   Overall, it was a pretty amazing experience - one I would definitely choose again given the opportunity.  In the end, after the contractions and the excruciating pain of the actual birth, the prize is totally worth it. 

Welcome to our crazy little family Miss EM!  We love you!!

Miss EM made her debut at 5:40 am on May 10, 2011, weighing in at 7 lbs, 14 oz (over a pound larger than V) and 20 3/4 inches in length (an inch longer than V).  Both were born at the exact same day in the gestation period - 39 weeks and 4 days!

On our way to the hospital - 2:30 am.

Happy Birthday - minutes after birth

Miss EM.

Leaving the hospital.

Twins Sisters - V & EM - same day, same carrier, look identical.

My sweet girls.

3 weeks.

A father's day post.

There are little moments that happen that you know you'll remember for a good long while and that bring joy to your heart.  They're the little every day occurrences that make you laugh and remember this is what life is about.  Saturday I had such a moment.  We were at Target and V made a paper "airplane" out of an old grocery list I had in my bag.  As we were walking out of Target and I was pushing EM in her carrier and holding V's hand, the wind caught V's "airplane" and it took its first flight.  V was obviously distraught by this occurrence and as we were in the middle of the parking lot lane of traffic and I had V in one hand and EM's carrier in my other hand, all I could do without risking all three of our lives was to make a desperate plea to Daddy, who was in front pushing our groceries, to "Save V's airplane now!" 
What follows is such a moment.  Fully understanding the urgency and the gravity of the situation (screaming toddler in the middle of the parking lot) E let's go of the grocery car, runs towards the "airplane" which continues to fly in the wind gusts, and not without effort chases it down.  I can hear passerbyer's gasping  and pointing like they just saw superman and as I turn to see what all the commotion is about I see the runaway grocery cart now swiftly making its way towards a couple of parked cars.  E  runs over to V, hands her "airplane" and all is once again right in her world. (A father's priorities).  Then he sprints over to the cart and catches it just time before the collision. 

The best part about this was both E and I were cracking up and the simplicity and the comedy of this incident.  Really so small, but to me, one of the moments that keeps me laughing and appreciating my awesome husband, who is not only a fantastic partner in life, but an amazing dad!  Our girls are so lucky to have you!  We love you!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The hills are alive...

V is growing up daily.  She does new things daily and is really starting to communicate with us.  These are definitely fun fun times. 

One of the things that she does that cracks me up is during our night time shtick.  As I've mentioned before, she's a woman of routine.  To everything there is an order in V's life and everything has its place and time.  When we go to bed, we first read, then say our prayers, and then go night night.  Lately, she's been wanting me to sing to her.  She'll specifically tell me to sing and when she's done with me, she'll shoo me out with a night night.  Well, ever since she was a baby, one particular song has always been her fave.  No other song would ever really soothe her, but this one, would always do the trick.  That little song is Edelweiss from The Sound of Music.  When she was an infant, that was the only song she would calm down to.  Now, she specifically requests it.  It goes something like this:

Mommy: Night night V.  I love you.
V: Night Night, (immediately followed by) Sing?
Mommy: Edelweiss, la la la (Actual song is sung)
Mommy: There are places I remember (trying to throw in a little Beatles)
V: No! Vice
Mommy: Edelweiss, la la la

And that's our drill.  After several renditions of "vice" I finally tell her night night and she's satisfied and doesn't call me back. 

I know she's just going to love The Sound of Music when she's older, and what's not to love!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

IKEA - Swedish for Hell

Picture it - a lovely Saturday morning.  I thought it would be a fun family activity to run up to the local IKEA to pick up a bookshelf for V's room.  So, snack and sippy cup in hand, we loaded up the fam and made the 30 minute journey to what from now on will be known as s*tan's lair.

The trip started out well.  V got to ride up the escalator and fun was had by all.  In about 10 minutes time we found what we were looking for, snapped a picture of the label, which "innocently" directed us to the Furniture Self Serve Section and off we went searching for said corner of this giant God-forsaken place. 

OMG!  This store does not end!  It's a huge, never-ending maze, that leads directly to s*tan himself.  It was all fun and games at first.  We even walked by the children's section where V got to play for a bit and we picked up some decorative flowers for Sissy's room.  Then we decided to get lunch, as it was that time.  The one time I didn't grab my diaper bag out of the car, the ONE time, I had to get ribs!  Ribs are sticky and messy!  Very messy.  And this place had zero wet wipes.  After dipping napkins in water to wipe off both mine and V's mess, we were ready to get out.  Except we still had not found this ever-elusive Furniture Self Service.  The signs just kept pointing this way and that way and we just kept walking and walking .  Finally, we made our way downstairs, where MORE mazes and MORE walking ensued!  At this point, I'm ready to say screw it - V doesn't really need a bookshelf in her room.  We'll just pile all her crap on the floor.  

Then, we finally see one of the worker demons.  I ask where the self service furniture pick up is and she dares to tell me I have to have the exact isle number of the furniture location which I have to get from the red sticker on the furniture piece I had picked out.  It was then that E thought I was going to lay her out right there.  I contemplated it, but instead, with a crazed look and a quiver in my voice told her I would take my chances.  She warned me that there may not be anyone in the warehouse, as she called it, to help me.  I told her I'd take my chances.

As we continue to work our way through the labyrinth of death, I see another fallen soul who's condemned to work in this hell hole.  He must've sensed that I was a woman on the brink of a nervous breakdown and before I could even finish the question, showed me the shortcut to this furniture warehouse. 

As we arrive at the furniture self-serve, the heavens open up and the piece we're looking for is right in front of us, assembled, with its disassembled boxes immediately behind it.  Hallelujah!!!

Finally, FINALLY, we make it out of that place.  But the nightmare doesn't end.  The boxes DON'T FIT IN MY CROSSOVER SUV!  NOOOO!!!!

E is tempted to just leave them there - forget returning them - we're not going back in intentionally knowing what we know now. 

We fight through it though.  We move the car seat over to the side, which is no small task, and put down the other two seats to make everything fit.  At which point, we get the heck out of there and never turn back.

After about 20 minutes, E's breathing stabilizes and his eye twitch goes away.  He says that if this doesn't work for V's room, he's not returning it - we're going to have a ceremonial burning of it in the backyard.  Screw the money.

As we pull into our garage and take V out of the car, she throws up.  All over my hands.

Now we have to put this thing together... Wish us luck.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The independent sleeper

I grew up in another country.  Our circumstances were such that I had to share a bedroom with my parents until I was 9.  As much as I loved that as a kid, it certainly didn't do me any favors later on in life as I struggled for independence in my teenage years and am still semi-afraid of the dark to this day.  (Don't judge me!).  That being said, I really wanted to establish a place for V that she could call her own from a very early age.  I know some parents are into co-sleeping, etc.  And there's nothing wrong with that if that's what floats your boat.  However, it totally sinks mine.  Mama needs her sleep and I personally can get zero sleep with a little person next to me.  So, at 7 weeks old, V got the boot out of our room (in which she resided in a bassinet) and into her own little haven.  We had two rough nights, but be it her personality or my unrivaled parenting skills (major sarcasm and my money's totally on the former), she took to it like a fish to water and from that point on, the girl was hooked to her crib.  

Fast forward 16 months.  V loves her room.  She loves her bed and she's super independent when it comes to sleeping in it.  To the point where it almost makes me sad because she NEVER wants to be held. Never wants to be rocked.  The only time she wants to be cuddled is when she's sick.  She wants up in her bed and literally shoos us away.  

Case in point that stirred me to write this post.  Last night V cried after I put her down.  This is so unusual, that when she does cry, I will go in there immediately b/c I know she doesn't just cry without a reason.  She'll lay around with her eyes open for 10, 15 minutes and not make a noise typically, until she finally falls asleep.  

So, I go in and pick her up.  After she calmed down and we settled back into bed, I started to rub her back.  At which point she picked up her arm and moved my hand off her back and started to wave me off as if to say, your work here is done.  Now let me sleep woman!  She doesn't even want me in the room!  Then, she woke up this morning at 6:15 and was crying again.  Now - 6:15 is way to early to be getting up, so I rocked her for a second and put her back down.  Same thing!  I got shoo'd away.  I got the boot!  And she totally just went back to sleep.  This is so funny to me.  It's nice to know that my independent girl still sometimes needs a little mommy TLC to make her world right and I'm so happy that she doesn't need me to fall asleep and feels safe and secure in her own room and bed.  I can't help but peek into the future when my independent child doesn't need me for a lot more than just to fall asleep.  And that'll be okay by by me.  But sometimes, a little mommy TLC will be just what the doctor ordered.  And I'll be there, no matter what. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's February already?!

After numerous threats by mother to disown me if I didn't finally update my blog (slight editorial exaggeration has been exercised), I knew it was time to buckle down and try to retrieve what bits of the last several months I could remember from my memory.  This is not an easy task because not only do I have severe pregnancy brain, I am also working full time and chasing after my 18 month old in my spare time.  Spare time is a very, VERY loose term in this instance.  My memories and brain functionality are sparce, and truly, I should not be allowed to drive, much less work and carry on adult conversations with clients.

So, below is my attempt at re-living the fall and Christmas season.


Halloween was lots of fun this year!  The weather was beautiful here and we met some of our neighbors and their kids to walk around the 'hood.  We bought candy to pass out, but looking back, that was totally unnecessary as we weren't home at all for the "Halloweening" hours.  We did get one, ONE knock on the door at 9 pm from some teenagers.  The front porch light promptly went off after that.

Vivienne thoroughly enjoyed herself and insisted on trying to walk into every person's house we went up to.  She was dressed as a fairy/lady bug and was cute as a button.  Her and her BFF D played earlier in the day (I think, or I could totally just be making that up... I know they played at some point that weekend) and then had fun trick or treating together.  D did fall amidst all the excitement and broke her arm!  She took it like a champ though and was completely healed within a few weeks.  Here are some pics.

V and Mimi

V and D running around.  D was a cheerleader.

Lady - give me some candy!

The whole gang raiding a house.


Thanksgiving was fun and was held at our house again this year.  In the past, we used to go to my parents house, but since V's big arrival, it's just been easier to stay at home base.  Then we can put V down around 8 and the big kids (aka adults) can play.  All in all, fun was had by all!

Mimi and us

V hung out under the table with Mattie.

V and Papa.  V loves her Papa!


Since E and I have been together, we go and get our Christmas tree and decorate it the Friday after Thanksgiving.  My parents came over to help us out and V also contributed with a little decorating advice and a dance party.

Here Daddy.  Put this one over here!  Trust me - it'll look marvelous!

Try this one Mommy.

This will look nice in your hair Mommy.

Mimi - you try it too.  It'll be fab!

Let me show you how it's done Mommy.

All done! 

Dance party time!

Mommy showing off the finished product - we downsized on our tree size this year..

Mimi, E & I.


V's getting virtually impossible to take monthly growth pictures off b/c the girl will NOT sit still to save her life.  She actually doesn't ever sit still.  Ever.  She doesn't walk - she runs everywhere, and that's no exaggeration.   Here are some pics to prove my point.

What is this paper you put in my hand Mama? 

Let's see what's under that arm Mr. Bear.

You want me to sit still?? That's hilarious!!

Semi-sweet success - Mommy 1 - V -0!


We had a great Christmas.  Christmas Eve, my  mom came and watched V and we were able to go to Christmas Eve service and actually pay attention and enjoy it.  Then our friends H & B came over and we had homemade tortilla soup and guacamole and enjoyed great company.  Christmas morning was just us and we let V open a couple of her gifts (most of which were left over from the toy store explosion that was her birthday).  And then later that evening, we had friends and family come over and celebrate the season.  V's BFF D came over with her parents and the girls had fun fighting over toys.  All in all, a great holiday season!

Checking out her loot.

Still sleepy.

Peace people!

Umm.  I'm not so sure about that Papa...

V and D having fun with Papa!  Matti's sporting her Christmas wear in the background.

D's having fun - V, not so much.

No!!  I do NOT want to share!  Where's Mama???

D's worn out by the chaos.

My mom and I.

D and V trying to take a picture under the tree in their matching Christmas dresses. 

Admiring the Christmas Tree.

V loves to ride on Mommy's back.  It's our new thing.


One of V's Christmas gifts, was this coat and matching beret!  It deserves a section of its own in this here blog.  The picture does not do it justice.  When V sports this little ensemble, I want to whisk her away to a French cafe where her and I can sip on martini's (when she's old enough of course - what kind of a mother do you think I am??) and eat eclairs and talk to handsome French men.  So, without further adieu, I present V in her beret and coat. Please ignore Sam's Club racks in the background.  The life of an 18 month old is not that glam...


We had a separate "official" photo shoot for V for her 18 months pics, but these are her bear growth pictures.  She did much better this month and I was able to get some good shots!  She even made sure Mr. Bear was sitting next to her!  I will do a separate post with her official pics b/c they deserve a spot of their own! 


We had another winter storm here in the deep south.  Schools were closed for four days, that's right FOUR DAYS.  In a row.  Four days!!  Cabin fever much?  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to work the whole time.  To be fair though, V was SO good all week and let me and E work and played by herself and watched way too much TV.  But hey, as a co-worker told me, that's why God invented TV.  We did get some snow fun in though.  V was hilarious in that she did not want any snow on her boots.  Girl appreciates a nice shoe, and what can I say, I can't blame her.  She was wearing suede and we all know what snow does to suede...

V and Daddy in front of our house.

Oh no! Snow on my suede boots!!

Whew!  Thank you for picking me up Daddy!

Our street - insane!

Hmmm... This looks like a semi-dry spot.  Hold my hand just in case Daddy.

Whew!  Dryness!

How did I get here?? Oh no!!


This pregnancy is flying by!  I'm 26 weeks along and we have nothing ready for the arrival of V's sister.  We've also had a really hard time deciding on a name, but I think we're in the home stretch.  All in all though, I am loving feeling a life moving around.  It's the most amazing feeling!