Monday, June 20, 2011

A father's day post.

There are little moments that happen that you know you'll remember for a good long while and that bring joy to your heart.  They're the little every day occurrences that make you laugh and remember this is what life is about.  Saturday I had such a moment.  We were at Target and V made a paper "airplane" out of an old grocery list I had in my bag.  As we were walking out of Target and I was pushing EM in her carrier and holding V's hand, the wind caught V's "airplane" and it took its first flight.  V was obviously distraught by this occurrence and as we were in the middle of the parking lot lane of traffic and I had V in one hand and EM's carrier in my other hand, all I could do without risking all three of our lives was to make a desperate plea to Daddy, who was in front pushing our groceries, to "Save V's airplane now!" 
What follows is such a moment.  Fully understanding the urgency and the gravity of the situation (screaming toddler in the middle of the parking lot) E let's go of the grocery car, runs towards the "airplane" which continues to fly in the wind gusts, and not without effort chases it down.  I can hear passerbyer's gasping  and pointing like they just saw superman and as I turn to see what all the commotion is about I see the runaway grocery cart now swiftly making its way towards a couple of parked cars.  E  runs over to V, hands her "airplane" and all is once again right in her world. (A father's priorities).  Then he sprints over to the cart and catches it just time before the collision. 

The best part about this was both E and I were cracking up and the simplicity and the comedy of this incident.  Really so small, but to me, one of the moments that keeps me laughing and appreciating my awesome husband, who is not only a fantastic partner in life, but an amazing dad!  Our girls are so lucky to have you!  We love you!!!

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