Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The independent sleeper

I grew up in another country.  Our circumstances were such that I had to share a bedroom with my parents until I was 9.  As much as I loved that as a kid, it certainly didn't do me any favors later on in life as I struggled for independence in my teenage years and am still semi-afraid of the dark to this day.  (Don't judge me!).  That being said, I really wanted to establish a place for V that she could call her own from a very early age.  I know some parents are into co-sleeping, etc.  And there's nothing wrong with that if that's what floats your boat.  However, it totally sinks mine.  Mama needs her sleep and I personally can get zero sleep with a little person next to me.  So, at 7 weeks old, V got the boot out of our room (in which she resided in a bassinet) and into her own little haven.  We had two rough nights, but be it her personality or my unrivaled parenting skills (major sarcasm and my money's totally on the former), she took to it like a fish to water and from that point on, the girl was hooked to her crib.  

Fast forward 16 months.  V loves her room.  She loves her bed and she's super independent when it comes to sleeping in it.  To the point where it almost makes me sad because she NEVER wants to be held. Never wants to be rocked.  The only time she wants to be cuddled is when she's sick.  She wants up in her bed and literally shoos us away.  

Case in point that stirred me to write this post.  Last night V cried after I put her down.  This is so unusual, that when she does cry, I will go in there immediately b/c I know she doesn't just cry without a reason.  She'll lay around with her eyes open for 10, 15 minutes and not make a noise typically, until she finally falls asleep.  

So, I go in and pick her up.  After she calmed down and we settled back into bed, I started to rub her back.  At which point she picked up her arm and moved my hand off her back and started to wave me off as if to say, your work here is done.  Now let me sleep woman!  She doesn't even want me in the room!  Then, she woke up this morning at 6:15 and was crying again.  Now - 6:15 is way to early to be getting up, so I rocked her for a second and put her back down.  Same thing!  I got shoo'd away.  I got the boot!  And she totally just went back to sleep.  This is so funny to me.  It's nice to know that my independent girl still sometimes needs a little mommy TLC to make her world right and I'm so happy that she doesn't need me to fall asleep and feels safe and secure in her own room and bed.  I can't help but peek into the future when my independent child doesn't need me for a lot more than just to fall asleep.  And that'll be okay by by me.  But sometimes, a little mommy TLC will be just what the doctor ordered.  And I'll be there, no matter what. 

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