Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spaghetti, Remote Controls, and a Girl's Night Out

I've been trying to introduce more table foods to V.  The jar baby food is bland as all get out and if V is anything like her Mama, she likes herself some flavorful foods.  So, our first big girl meal was some whole wheat pasta that Mama made with ground turkey, onions, red bell peppers, and Newman's Own Sockarooni sauce.  I think she was a fan...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
Happy girl!

I love spaghetti!!

Storing up meat in her cheeks for winter.  I found pieces of said meat in her cheeks hours later.

My mom came over with my grandma over the weekend.  V showed off all her skills, the most important of which is working the remote.  She's figured out that we've given her a faux remote and now in our attempts to keep her from the real deal, we have to make the TV do fun tricks when she points her remote on it so she thinks she's doing it.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  The girl may be too smart for her own good.

Check out my loot Mommy!

I'm queen of the remote!

Here's V with her Grandma M and Mimi.  Four generations of women.

Say Ahhhhh!

And here's V tickled pink when Daddy came home.  She LOVES her Daddy!

Hi Daddy! I love you so!

On Saturday night I went out with a couple of my very good girlfriends to see S&TC 2.  S&TC was a huge generational show for me when I was in college and so many of my friends lived and breathed through Carrie Bradshaw.  That, however, was a decade ago.  One of the greatest things about Seinfeld is he left the show while he was still on top.  I thought S&TC also did that, but then the first movie came out.  Out of loyalty for the franchise, I got dressed up to go see the movie with my martini in hand.  It was okay.  I laughed some, I even shed a tear and overall, still had a warm fuzzy feeling for one of my fave shows when it was over.  Sadly, that is not the case with the second installment.  The producers, actors, directors, everyone involved would have been well-advised to stop while they were ahead.  The acting was bad, the story line was bad, the whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth and there are no puns or references to Samantha's over-the-top libido intended.  I literally started to fall asleep at one point of the movie and over two hours later, because that's how long this film dragged on, could not wait to just go home and crawl into bed and wake up hoping it was all a dream nightmare.  If you're a S&TC fan and want to remember Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha as strong confident women and not spoiled immature girls, in my humble opinion, save yourself the $10 and whatever warm sentiments you still have for the franchise.  Or see this movie.
V's not a fan either.


  1. Hopefully, I can post a comment this time around:)

    Love the pictures as always and absolutely agree on the movie review.


  2. She's so adorable...as always :) She's gotten so much bigger since the last time I've seen her - which I just realized was WAY too long ago. Definitely time for a play date!! And I still want to see the movie, just out of curiosity. However, a bit weary now - think I'll watch it from the comfort of my couch some night :)