Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crawls galore

I'm crawling!!  So - after a month of delay and teasing Mommy with, "oh - I think I'm going to crawl now, Oh - maybe not," Miss V has finally done it.  She crawled!  Her first official move one knee, then move hand, then move other knee crawl was February 6th and in the week and a half since then, she is practically a pro.  Well - I may be exaggerating a tad, but it's truly amazing how every day she gets better and better. 

Exhibit 1 - Today was the best day to date of me picking her up from school.  I came in and she was on the floor trying to do the down dog position - girl's got mad yoga skills.  She was holding herself up on her hands and pointing her toes with her booty up in the air in an upside down V, and doing a mighty fine job I might add.  But I digress.  She did not immediately see me, so I called her name a couple times and she actually turned around towards me.  I told her to come to Mommy and held out my hands, and SHE DID!  She slowly but surely crawled her way across the long mat towards me.  It was so great!  I met her half way b/c she was creating a traffic jam and I thought a confidence boost may be in order anyway.  And then she jumped for a few minutes in my arms!  Oh man - such fun was had by all! 

On another note... Last weekend I came home from the grocery store to this....

That daddy is no dummy.  Way to a woman's heart - baby and vacuum cleaner.  I'm sold! 


  1. yeah!! Demi likes her yoga too, we'll have to get them together for a yoga date, we can drink some wine and let the girls workout... we can work out by osmosis...