Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6 Months Stats & A Photo Shoot

Miss V celebrated her 6 month birthday back in mid-January.  My friend Nick is quite the photographer extraordanaire and he took some pictures of her with his awesome camera.  I love how these pics turned out!  Miss V is such a little love and her fun personality shows more and more every day.   She smiles and flirts a lot (she is her mother's daughter) and has her daddy wrapped around her finger.  Just this past weekend she started crawling and is getting better and better at it every day and is giving kisses when promted and not prompted.  I love getting her kisses which are wet open mouth slobers, but I'm not choosy. 

I haven't felt very inspired to write a lot, so I will, for the time being, just share some of my favorite pics from the shoot as well as her 6 months stats.  Her weight dropped a little b/c we went in for her 6 month appointment right after she got this.

Weight - 25% - 14 lbs 3.5 oz
Height - 45% - 25 1/4 in
HC - 55% - 43 cm

And now for the best part... the pictures. 

I like to hang out on countertops - just cold chillin'

My serious look

Blue hat to match my blue eyes

Hat - Check! Leopard boots - Check! Bare buns - Check!  Staying true to my Ukrainian roots.
Momma's little lover


  1. I love all the pictures! Vivienne is such a pretty girl! I can't believe she is 6 months already.

  2. She is beautiful! Love her coat.

    We have to play soon! Let me know how next week looks. Call me 702-353-1792

  3. She's such a cutie!! I love the pics! We need a play date soon.