Sunday, April 4, 2010


Um... ok... (The)Croup..  I know it's been hard on you since we broke up.  I know you've spent many restless nights tossing and turning, thinking up ways to get back into my life, but this? This is not good.  This is borderline psychotic, crazy stalker ex-boyfriend, and we both know you're better than that.  So, let's part ways peacefully and I won't ruin your rep with the other ladies. 

Miss V is sick.. again.  This is the third time she's been croupy and it's heart-wrenching. She was a total trooper though this weekend through Easter and my mom's and grandpa's birthday party at our house.  She was a little cranky, but did well overall. 

Friday during lunch, V and I went to go visit my good friend T and her family.  Her daugher A is 4 and loved playing with V.  She was so curious about her and wanted to show her all her toys and was asking all sorts of questions about her.   Here are some pics of the girls together.

Friday night, E, his dad and his dad's fiance grilled stakes and painted Easter eggs.  We tried the fancy shmancy paints that you put in a bag and roll the eggs around in, and the finished product wasn't as good as the old-fashioned dipping in water way.  Here's the result.  Note the bruised egg repaired with duct tape.  It suffered a broken shell in the beautifying process and needed a little something extra to make it feel special. 

Mine are the pretty sparkly ones....

Then Saturday we went to V's friend D's 1st birthday party and then later in the evening had my family over for a double birthday celebration.  Both birthday parties were tons o' fun.  The girls (D & V) were so stinkin' cute playing with each other.  They've known each other since they were 3 1/2 months and 6 weeks old, respectively and are the best of buddies.

What's that??

Then Sunday, V got dolled up in her Sunday best and we went to Church for and then to Aunt E's and Uncle N's for Easter.  This is where things started to go down hill for V and (the)croup, but she hung in there until after we got home, at which time she puked all over herself and the changing table.  She was so so tired and wanted to sleep so bad, but just kept coughing and choking and finally just threw up.  (On a serious note, it's so hard to watch your child choking to throw up the phlegm that (the)croup has so graciously left inside her throat.  It scares her and it scares mommy even more.  We're not fans!)

Miss sick eyes.

Happy Easter everybody!

I have more pics from Easter, but they're in Mimi's camera, so I must patiently wait until she sends them to me.

So now, V's asleep, but if I was a bettin' woman, I would say the odds are against her sleeping through the night in her room.  We shall see. 

Here are some pics of V from Saturday night.  We're going to have another professional photo shoot with Uncle N next weekend and V and I both can't wait!

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