Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm talking! (Sorta..)

V has yet another cold.  Actually I can't remember the last time she hasn't had a runny nose or was just 100% not sniffling, coughing, etc etc etc.  I wouldn't say she's sick, but her nose is a lot more congested the past several days than usual.  This makes sleeping a difficult task.  Although she's a good sleeper, one has a hard time sleeping well when they can't breathe through their nose.  And herein have lied the problems this weekend.  Last night was the worst.  She woke up around midnight and did not want to go back to bed.. until after 3 AM!  Yes - we've regressed back to the infant days over the weekend where we have no schedule and wake up at random times throughout the night to cry and feed.  BUT - in the midst of this chaos, while she was laying in our bed* terrorizing daddy (she thought it was playtime.  I guess I could see where she thought 3 am was a good time to party.. I once used to have that mentality, but that was a lifetime ago and I digress) she said her first word.  Her very first real word.  She's babbling dada, baba, etc for a while now, but as she was pounding on E to play with her, she took a break and very meticulously and slowly, in the sweetest little girl voice, said "Da da."  Needless to say, my heart melted and I got a bit choked up.  And today, through the day, she keeps saying and it and saying.  And it's not the dada of the babble before.  It's definitely the Dada meaning daddy.   She's so proud of her communicative achievement and so are we!

Here are some pics from this week.  I bought her a little bathing suit with a tutu for pics and we tried it on for Papa (Grandpa) when he was over this week.  She's pulling up so much better this week and is standing with one handed support.  I think she'll be walking within two months. We shall see.

*The only time she gets to be in our bed is when she's sick. 

My little ballerina.  I love how she's pointing her little toes!

I love this pic of my Dad and her!  Love how she's watching him and he's showing her all the fun things outside the window.  Oh the things you'll learn little one.

And now, here's V showing off her pulling up skills.
Umm - let's see - now push up.
Maybe if I try with my teeth. Works for Mattie.
Time to ham it up for the camera.  What's that Papa? A cell phone camera??

Paying close attention to Papa.  He's very wise.

Now, back by popular demand (consisting of myself), here's a pic of my other girl - Miss Mattie!  V's off wrecking havoc in the background while Mattie and I pose for the camera. 

And last but not least, my two girls together.  Miss M is looking very regal annoyed because we've been in her chair and are intruding on her happy place time.

- Mattie tells the funniest jokes! 
 - It aint' that funny kid.


  1. Baby, I love reading every new comment you write about our wonderful, beautiful baby girl. You definitely have a talent for this - i love your style! i might be biased but who cares! i love it! keep going! And we'll have a wonderful book to read to Vivienne when she is older.

  2. So exciting that Vivienne said her first word! Momma will probably be next! I love her little swimsuit too! She is such a pretty little girl!

  3. love the pictures!!