Sunday, March 21, 2010

Updates, Updates, and More Updates

When I started this blog, I told myself I would update multiple times a week, if not daily.  Well, that has proven to be not realistic, so I'm starting a new thing.  I'm going to plan to update weekly.  This way, I will have some accountability to myself for updating.  So many things are happening with V almost daily, and I forget about them so quickly. So, I will be better about documenting from now on! 

So, now I have lots to update on.  I'll go in chronological order.

February 2010

* The great snow storm of 2010 - Part 1!
We live in the southern part of the country, and if we're lucky, we'll see random snow flakes, maybe once a year.  This year - not so much.  We got over a foot of snow in early February.  Schools were closed, roads were iced over, and we, as any non-snow seeing person would do, played in the snow.  The whole family went out and M especially, had a great time.  We'd throw her snowballs and she would chase them and then slam her nose into the snow trying to figure out where it went.  She ran around and around chasing those snowballs.  V had fun too (sort of).  She hung out in Mommy's arms mostly and observed, like she always does.  She's quite the observer and when she sees something new, she goes into serious mode until she feels comfortable with her new surroundings. 

Here are some pics from the great snow storm.

Our Street

Mommy and  V

Daddy and V

M playing in the snow

V and M in the snow.
Grandpa's snowman.  The head is lacking b/c we got cold...

And to wrap up February, here are V's 7 month pics next to Mr. Bear.

She's growing so much, daily.  Some mornings when she wakes up, E (the hubs) and I look at her and comment how she looks different.  She's a strong-willed little girl, but so happy and loving.  She loves her school and her teachers and playing with all her little friends.  She also loves dancing and starts bouncing around and jumping up and down when she hears an upbeat tune!  She's a girl after my own heart.

March 2010

As I've mentioned in an older post, V started crawling about a month and a half ago.  She's gotten really good and is a crawling machine these days.  I'm still not over the dirty floor hump and have a mini-coronary when she makes her way across the floor.  She's still not allowed in the kitchen b/c our kitchen floor is nearly impossible to keep clean between M's slober, hair, and just being the kitchen floor.  But I know I will have to make my peace with it b/c I can't keep her in the living room forever. 

So, in addition to crawling, in the second week of March, she started pulling up.  She is very cautious about this and it's pretty entertaining to watch her pull herself up and then VERY carefully try to sit herself back down.  She's a dainty little girl to say the least.  It was so great to come in her room one morning and see her standing up near the rails. 

She LOVES playing with M and uses her to push/pull herself up. 

Come 'ere you dog!

Working hard to pull herself up.

Success!!  Using M's head as support.
Working the "Russian face"

Another big development this month was V graduated to a big girl tub!  We were previously washing her in the sink in an infant tub, but she was displaying signs of wanting to play, etc, so we moved her to the bathroom to a big ducky bath!  I saw a picture of this bath on another friend's blog and had to get it for V.  The duck quacks and V loves bathtime!  She's always loved it, but now she kicks her legs and squeals with delight when I get her down to her skivies for bathtime.

Wha?? Can't a girl have some privacy?

Eating her toys in the tub.  A little soap can't hurt her, right??

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