Friday, September 17, 2010

You know you're a mom when..

You are riding in a mirrored elevator on your way up to the office and notice something at the bottom of your jeans.  Upon closer inspection, you remember it's the throw up splatter from last weekend when your child chunked it in the middle of Whole Foods and you were so discombobulated, you forgot to wash your jeans afterwards b/c by the time you got home, they had dried and you had bigger things to worry about, like cleaning said child. 

Good times.


  1. Nice! Have you tired to "catch" puke knowing that its easier to clean your hand than cleaning it up off the floor?

  2. Laughing at your comment!! I actually HAVE tried to catch puke!! You are so right - much easier to clean your hand, clothes, etc than carpet! Another popular puke catcher is the sink - I've been known to run through the house holding V as I can tell she's about to blow trying to get her to the sink. Success rate is 50%.