Sunday, May 2, 2010

On the cusp

This week was relatively big in V's development.  She started standing by herself (no hands) in short bursts and started walking using a push along stroller.  It's so funny to see this tiny little person who is barely 17 pounds "walking" around.  (I use the term walking very loosely).

Sometimes I get so sad that I don't get to stay home with her full time.  The day care teachers didn't want to tell me she was standing by herself b/c they didn't want to ruin it for me.  So sweet of them.  I have a sneaking feeling I may actually miss her first official step, but thanks to the teachers, I'll never know about it and will get to experience it on my own at home. 

V is so funny these days.  She has a mountain of toys but the things that really strike her fancy are all the things she's not allowed to play with - remotes, cell phones, table eating, tissue boxes - your standard no no's.  Here is a pic of V left to her own accords and the resulting mess.

Wha?  It wasn't me.


  1. ah yes, demi did this with her wipes just sunday, and maddie was sitting right next to her and didn't notice... we have to put away the TP now too...

  2. Hahaha Lance has done the same thing before and loves to pull his wipes and stuff them in the Diaper Genie. He also loves to play with everything he sees us use in stead of his toys, which he first scatters all over the house and then, she's not going to change her mind on this anytime soon :) The real fun will begin when she's completely mobile and starts running away with your keys or better yet, leaves them somewhere when you're not paying attention :)