Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teeth - why grow one when you can grow two!

On Thursday morning when V woke up, she was cranky and upset.  She is typically in a very good mood in the mornings (quite the morning person), so this was unusual for her.  The mystery of the Thursday morning crankiness was solved on Saturday, however, as I was feeding her some pasta and saw what I originally thought was remnants of half- chewed gummed food.  But quite the contrary.  It was TWO TEETH!  YAY!!!  She cut two teeth on Saturday morning (official first tooth teeth date is May 15, 2010).  I was so excited.  It was such a weird sensation for me b/c I was actually feeling proud for her.  I realize that this isn't something she really "accomplished" but I was such a proud mama that she finally grew some teeth.  I hope she starts growing some hair now...  I have to remember to brush them b/c that has not been part of our routine to date.  Oops.  I haven't brushed them yet. 

I tried to take a pic, but she wasn't cooperating, so here she is just rocking out her leg warmers and booty ruffles.

In other news.. We're dog sitting for a friend of mine.  Her dog is a little black Pekingese fur ball and probably the coolest little dog I've ever met.  We took her and Mattie for a walk on Saturday and as she's black in color and has to practically run the whole time while Mattie leisurely strolls, she was feeling really tuckered out and overall pooped.  So, she did the only reasonable, although somewhat degrading (in most dog circles) thing to do.  She hitched a ride with V in her stroller, specifically in the storage bin underneath V.  It was pretty dang funny and cute.  Against her wishes, I snuck a picture of her and am holding it in a secure location for a rainy day, you know, if I ever need a favor or something.   I promised her I wouldn't post, but as she can't use the keyboard and thus can't really check this here blog, I'm going to share it.  I personally think she has nothing to be ashamed of.  I told her it shows her ingenuity and resourcefulness.  Why not make life a little easier I say.  

What's up peeps!

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