Monday, May 31, 2010

2 Week Update - 10 months pics, Birthday Party, Memorial Day weekend, and more!

This is going to be a long one... 

The last two weeks have been crazy busy at work.  I worked till 11:00 last Sunday night and then till 10:30 and 11:00 all last week.  I didn't even get to pick up V from school all week b/c I was so busy.  I love picking her up from school, so this made me very sad.  This week is shaping up to be pretty busy too, but I'm hoping I'll at least get to pick my girl up and hang out with her in the evenings.  I really could be/need to be finishing up some work stuff right now, but I did work earlier, and I so want to document my little girl's last two weeks, b/c man does it go by fast.  I already don't remember so many things and need the pics to refresh my memory.  When I started this blog, I wanted it to be more about me and less about V.  I was so afraid of motherhood "robbing" me of me.  But it has proven to be so the contrary.  My little girl is the best thing invented since sliced bread and I feel like I've not only not lost myself in becoming her mother, but discovered the real me.  It is the best job privilege I have ever had. I have experienced love that is not comparable to anything else.  For the first time in my life, it's unconditional.  I really do LOVE my husband.  He's my world and I can't imagine being without him, but this is so different.  This is mother bear type love. I will kill anyone who messes with her and I will sacrifice whatever I need to for her well being.  So, enough mushiness..

So, lots of things happen in a little girl's life in a two week time period.  We'll go in chronological order.

* V turned 10 months old
It is getting nearly impossible to get this child to sit still for pictures.  What happened to my little photogenic girl?? V celebrated her 10 month birthday mid month May and here are the pics to prove it.

Happy 10 month Birthday to Me!

Good stretch

I'm done Mommy.

*I'm NOT a boy! V's first pig-tails (sort of).

* V's friend's Z's 3rd B-day Party

V's friend Z turned 3 in May and we went to her super fun birthday party.  Z's party had real life trains and V had a grand ole time riding around the neighborhood.  Happy 3rd Birthday Z!

V and Daddy in one of the trains.
V, Daddy in a train + random dude in background.

My sweet face.

Classic V look.

One of V's favorite things to do with Daddy.  Hi Daddy!!! I love you! Let me poke your eye out.

Working the "Russian"

V and Mommy on the train.  Not the best, but the only pic of us two from the party on my camera. 

* Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was big in lots of ways.  First and most monumental thing was V started walking holding on with just one hand.  She has been walking and practically running around the house with her push walker and over the weekend she just took off.  She's loving her new found skills and is doing the Frankenstein hobbling around holding our hand.  So proud of her.

Memorial Day weekend was a nice break to an otherwise really bad week.  On Saturday morning we packed up V and Mattie, and took off to Oklahoma to visit a good friend from college and her family.  It was about a two hour drive and we timed it with V's naps.  She did pretty well for the first leg of the trip, but then Daddy had a hankering for a Dr. Pepper, and when we stopped, Mattie caused all sorts of comotion and woke V up, so the second leg of the trip wasn't ideal.  V did keep herself entertained with her book. The book didn't fare so well by the end of the trip, but I'll sacrifice a book for a non-crying baby any day.  I unfortunately didn't take ANY pictures from our trip, but my friend A did, so I'm hoping to get them from her.  A lives out in the country and V got to swim in a creek, play in a chicken coup, ride in a buggy, and see real life horses.  Mattie sort of tore into one of the chickens, but we're hoping the chicken didn't suffer any irreparable damage.  We may owe my friend A a chicken.. Thanks A and family.  We had a wonderful time!! 

Here's the only picture I have from the trip.  It's hard to decipher, but it's Mattie resting her head on V's car seat in the car while V napped.  Such a sweet girl.

When we came back, we were very low key and just hung out at the house.  We bought a wading elephant pool for V.  It's  a pretty fun little pool and you hook up a hose to the trunk and it spits out water in a fountain like fashion.  We decided to invite our friends D&D&D over for some pool time.  D is V's friend from a previous post. D & V had a great time in the pool.  I'm so excited about our purchase and V loves to be in the water and has been pointing at it every time we walk by the courtyard.  Here's V getting ready for the pool in her new little swim suit.

I'm ready Mama!

And here are the pics of V & D enjoying the water.

Get in my belly!

It's not a party until someone sticks their head in the fountain.

* And finally... V making a mess of her food.

I love you V!

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  1. That pool is awesome! Looks like so much fun :)