Friday, January 8, 2010

Roll Over Beethoven and a Squirrel for Breakfast

Oh Miss V. Can’t wait to get going. Can’t wait to go places. V is now officially sitting up. She still does a few face plants once in a while, but my little girl has almost mastered her core strength and can stay seated for a good long time all by herself. Of course sitting isn’t enough for Miss “I want what I want and I want it now.” Once she falls over from her sitting position, she gets on all fours and tries to crawl. However, the crawling hasn’t been successful just yet, and after a few rocks back and forth on her knees, and realizing that nothing is getting accomplished, V does what she does best so far – she rolls. I can put this child down on one side of the living room and she will 360 degree roll her way over to the other side. Given that we have a very large and shedding dog as well as a very tiny, but equally as shedding cat, V performing her acrobatics doubles as a lint brush for our rug and carpet. Good for the rug, not so good for Miss V or Mommy’s sanity. So, I’m not sure how to keep this child from getting dog/cat hair in every orifice of her body. I have found dog hairs in places dog hair simply should not be. V has also been French kissed by M (the dog). Which leads me to another story and why V is officially off licking limits for M…

Oh Miss M. M likes to chase squirrels. M likes to chase and catch squirrels. M likes to chase and catch and kill squirrels. M isn’t partial to live squirrels or squirrels that already happen to be dead. Did I mention that M LOVES squirrels???

Yesterday morning, my husband let M out, like he usually does. It is COLD where we live now, so he went back inside and was waiting for her by the door to do her bizness. Fairly quickly, M comes to the door with a little somethin somethin in her mouth. Seeing that she’s not trained to get the paper and being that she’s no Einstein, my husband let her in the house to check out her loot. In strolls M and plops down a … are you ready for it…. Dead squirrel. Right smack dab in the middle of our entry way. I hear my husband shriek, “No M”. I scream from the other room, “What did she do?” He quickly answers, ‘Nothing.” Smart man. I would have FREAKED. So, my husband was left to pick up the said dead squirrel with PAPER TOWELS and get rid of it. Being a man, he didn’t think to automatically disinfect the floor on where the squirrel rested. And remember – we have a child who rolls everywhere. But, crisis was averted as we thoroughly disinfected once I was up and the story was relayed to me. So, this particular squirrel is now squirrel #4 for Miss M. She’s got a hard rep in our hood – she doesn’t mess around!


  1. Yeah for your blog! LOVE it! And can't wait to see more of it! To me, there aren't enough words to possibly describe motherhood... but it's fun to have a blog to at least TRY!.

    And you must LOVE your dog... because seeing hair in my babies orifices would be enough for me to end that love affair!!

  2. Ha - I grew up with dogs, so I'm used to it. Although it is a bit disheartening to see dog hair in her mouth, fat rolls, etc etc etc.

  3. OMG that squirrel was in your house!!! Wrigley idolizes Miss M. That is his lifelong goal to catch one.

  4. YES! I believe it was already dead when M found it, but keep that between us. She has a reputation to uphold.