Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wisdom from Patti - Millionaire Matchmaker

I have a confession.  My guilty pleasure is reality TV/any and all Hollywood gossip.  Yes - I hang my head in shame admitting this and am looking into an addiction recovery group to curb this.  But, in the mean time, I picked up a little bit of wisdom from Miss Pattie - the Millionaire Matchmaker. 

So, in watching said reality show, Pattie is coaching one of her millionaires on chivalry.  She has an ettiquette coach and says to him that men have their roles and women have theirs and that if you cross the boundaries, you'll end up with a son rather than a husband!  HOW TRUE!  I'm all for strong independent women and am VERY strong willed and opinionated, etc etc etc.  But, I totally agree that chivalry should not be dead and a man should be a man! Step up and take care of your woman, whether that means opening her doors, ordering her meals at a restaurant, or being a strong shoulder to stand behind.  We don't have enough men around anymore.  I mean real men! From my dating days the bulk of the male population are needy boys who want a replacement for their mom rather than a partner.  And in a way, maybe this has forced women over the years to take over.  Because we've gotten tired of waiting to get things done so we just do it ourselves and end up either alone or with boys.

So, if I ever have a son, my goal in raising him will be to raise a man.  A man whose future wife will someday thank me for raising her a man and not a boy.  And all in all, we're made man and woman for a reason and there's something still so wonderful in being taken care of as a woman.  I think this would ring true for most woman out there, be it CEO's, attorney's, professionals, teachers, mothers, etc. 

And in conclustion - I can hear the "men" on the show referring to themselves in 3rd person and overall treating their dates like they should be falling all over themselves b/c they're priveleged to be on a date with these "millionaires."  Pattie says, "Women want gentlemen, not trash talking a**holes."  Wise words sista! (I know, I know, this isn't classical english literature type stuff, but still solid.")  I look at these "men" and shake my head, but yet continue to watch.. Addiction - it aint pretty.

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